Where are my gallery settings?

Updated: Mar 31, 2014 04:09PM PDT

This page is for the Legacy SmugMug.  Click here for help on the New SmugMug.

You must be logged in to change gallery settings. After logging in, click on any of your galleries and look for the Tools Menu near the top of the page.

Choose the Gallery Settings option from the "This Gallery" section.

Ok, what are my options?



Look & Feel

Security & Privacy

Smart Settings



Sharpening - Power and Pro only



Don't forget to click Save when you're done!

Need to change settings on lots of galleries?

Good news! You can easily apply your choice of settings to as many (or as few) galleries as you wish.

Select the "Multiple Galleries" button at the top of the gallery settings page.

bulk gallery settings

Pick the galleries you want to modify from the drop-down menu. As you choose, each gallery name will appear in a list so you can see which ones you're changing. Made a mistake? Just click "remove."

Or if you prefer, check "All of my galleries" to apply your changes to every gallery on your site.


Now you're ready to make your changes. Check the box on each line item to activate it and adjust the setting as you please. Anything you don't touch will stay grayed out and will not change.

bulk gallery settings

When you're finished, click Save.

FYI:  Applying bulk settings to an existing gallery like this will not re-make thumbnails or re-watermark photos already in the gallery.  

Want to apply these same settings on other galleries, quickly? Create a Quick Setting.

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