Can I arrange the order of my galleries?

Updated: Mar 28, 2014 11:22AM PDT
Galleries listing

This page is for Legacy SmugMug.  Click here for help on New SmugMug.  

When you're new to SmugMug, we'll display each and every gallery you create in your homepage Galleries box. Find everything you need with a quick glance at your titles and thumbnails.

Too many galleries? You can always toggle your homepage to display Categories instead of Galleries, which keep things neat, tidy and super-zippy to boot.

Note: Switching between Categories and Galleries is a site-wide effect. Toggle one, toggle all!

Show Categories or Galleries

When you're logged in, your home page will display the option to display by galleries or categories.

arrange photo galleries

Click categories and we'll show only categories on your SmugMug homepage. The thumbnail we choose comes from the first gallery in each category.

sort online photo galleries

Note: Categories with five or fewer galleries will show the larger thumbnails in a single column. When you add a sixth gallery, the view changes to accommodate smaller thumbnails in two columns.

Arranging galleries

Arrange galleries

 By default, SmugMug sorts your galleries by most recent and displays recently added-to galleries first. You can sort them in a different order by clicking the Position link.



Arrange online galleries


You'll see those words change so that you now have an arrange link. Click that.

Now you can scoot your galleries into the order you'd like. Just click on any gallery thumbnail and it will highlight in red. Now use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move it, or you can use the quick move and quick sort options to speed things up.

Organize galleries

When you've got things arranged perfectly, click save changes. That's all there is to it.
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